Wednesday, 17 September 2014

3rd place Raw Kite Westwood Ho! event and 3rd place British Championships

The final round of the British Championships took place on the 12th-14th of September 2014 in North Devon at a small town called Westwood  Ho! which has an amazing beach for Kite sports and other water sports. Team mate Carl Kirton and my self (Kris Beech) headed down on the Friday to get some practice in before the big event, but as the wind was light we spent the day just chilling out, meeting up with everyone who had the same idea to show up as early as we did too.

On the Saturday we were given a nice hard packed beach with a light 12-14mph easterly wind, which was off shore for Westwood Ho! But not a problem as the area behind the beach was clear, this kept the wind nice and clean. So, with everyone ready to battle it out and wanting to become the British Champion in kite landboarding, the day kicked of with the Landboard Pros category, where I would battle it out against the likes of Ash Garwood, James (Floyed) Tideswell, Will Rose and Abe Alzouman to name a few! There were some really tough heats, I was throwing down some handle passes, 1080 spins, 360 inverts etc… The PeterLynn Fury 13m was amazing and was excellent in light winds, the pressure was defiantly on! After a few very intense and competitive heats, I am pleased to say that I walked away with 3rd place at the this event and I also finished 3rd in the British Championships. 

Team Mate Carl Kirton also rode exceptionally well in the Amuture Buggying, just missing a podium, but still managed 4th overall. He went on to take 3rd place at this event in the senior landboard category. Was very well deserved, with his amazing style and unique bag of tricks. Carl uses the PeterLynn Charger which is one of the most versatile kites for all disciplines and wind conditions. 
Landboard Pro 1st Ash Garwood, 2nd James (Floyed) Tideswell and 3rd myself (Kris Beech)

Handle Pass

The Peter Lynn Fury 13m 

Landboard Senior 1st James (Floyed) Tideswell, 2nd Steve Parkes, 3rd Carl Kirton 

Westwood Ho! Beach great for all sports

Carl blasting the big sandy beach on the buggy

Handle Pass

Big Thanks to Raw Kite for all the events they made possible this year, Peter Lynn Kites and Trampa Boards for all my kit. Cristina Murphy for the Photos, my team mates at Trampa and Peter Lynn

Monday, 1 September 2014

Peter Lynn Kites

After much thought, it was time to move on from Flexifoil Kites. There becomes a point in every riders career to move on to something fresh and new. I'm super stoked to now be riding for Peter Lynn Kites, I will be riding the Fury, their high aspect LEI kite! You will see me working closely with Peter Lynn to develop new products, I will also be competing at all the land kite competitions and events,  plus making new videos and shooting lots of photos, watch this space!!

Board Off

Invert 360 one hander 

5.0 0n the bench

Board off

360 foot out 

360 grab

Invert 360 one hander 
Big thanks to Peter Lynn Kites for this amazing opportunity, Also big thanks to Trampa Boards for all the support and Cristina Murphy / Lewis Wilby for the photos.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Raw Kite Essex Kite Park 4th place,

We got up early Saturday morning to head down to Essex Kite Park, excited for the Raw Kite event! We got some nice sun shine, but not enough wind to compete. Even so, it was good to chill with everyone and had a good laugh, also learnt some new moves on the trampoline. 

On the Sunday, riders meeting was at 8am! Still not much wind, but as it was building up, they decided to run the competition  and my first heat was against Will Rose and James Tideswell (Floyed). I managed a nice mix of tricks getting some board offs, handle pass and unhooked kite loops, but I was struggling with the light wind as everyone else was too. I managed to advance to my next heat against Abe Alzouman, with the wind now being really gusty, so it helped to be on Flexifoil Shiva which was solid in the sky!  With the heat underway I threw in some board off vairals, spin board offs, railys and 720's, but unfortunately with the low wind, I just could not match the power Abe had. So a very big well done to all the guys that competed in the tough conditions, here are the Raw Kite Championships rankings so far. 

Landboard ProPembrey CupEssex CupWestward Ho Cup
1Ash Garwood710100001710
2Abe Alzouman71079001500
3Kris Beech71071001420
4James Tideswell53088501415
5Will Rose71065001360
6Carl Kirton53061001140
7Jack Alston53000530

Front flip Trampoline always good fun 
Always having fun 

RedBull rocking the event 

Time to fly 

Flexifoil Shiva 

Unhooked kiteloop

Backroll kiteloop

 2nd James Tideswell, 1st Ash Garwood, 3rd Abe Alzouman
Board off front roll 
Big Thanks to Essex Kite Park and Raw Kite for holding an amazing Event. Flexifoil Kites, Trampa Boards and Cristina Murphy for the photos.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Raw Kite Round 1 in Pembrey South Wales 1st place.

This was the first event for the UK championships and took place between the 2nd to the 4th of May.

Excited as ever to go kite in a new spot and meeting up with new and old friends, I woke up at 4am on the Friday to make the journey to Wales. I drove my 19 year old VW Golf (probably not a good choice of car) but still, we made it there in just less than 7 hours! On arrival we pitched up our tent in the campsite then went to explore the area, where we were greeted by a great bunch of people and the biggest beach I have ever seen, it was flat and hard packed sand, brilliant for kite land boarding.
The wind was light, but with all the guys already out there on their kites, I though why not? So I pumped up my 13m Flexifoil Hadlow Pro and went out for a bit of a session with the others. After getting some unhooked tricks unfortunately the wind died off, so we all decided to go back to the camp site and chill out, having the first BBQ of the year with some great company.

Saturday morning started with the wind looking good. We all met in the local cafe, where we had a riders briefing and we were told that the wind was forecast to die off after mid day. Therefore, it was suggested that they would run the amateur land board and buggy heats, but not the Pro’s if the forecast is right.

This gave us the chance to free ride, riding with Ash Garwood, Jack Elston, Abe Alzouman, Helen Norris and Floyed to name a few, and many more riders. Although the wind was gusty, we were all still managing some epic spins, board offs, inverts and handle passes, pushing each ether to go bigger and better than the last trick. Until the wind dropped, Raw Kite managed to get though the amateur buggy and half way through the amateur land board heats. Once the competition had come to an end on Saturday, we then went to chill at the campsite once again with another BBQ kindly provided by Red Bull.

Sunday was the last competition day and the wind was light but more on shore today. So after the riders briefing, we all headed back to the beach and the sun was out, while the amateur land board comp got finished. I went for a free ride to get myself in the zone, pulling some handle passes and unhooked kite loops! I then waited for my first heat.

My first heat was against Jack Elston, it was a good one! I manage to pull the tricks I wanted, with the wind being light it was mostly unhooked, I also got some handle passes, F16’s, shove it’s, inverts back to blinds and so on. Jack was fighting back with some nice 360 kick flip board offs, inverts and spins. With such different riding styles it was an amazing feeling to win my first heat!

My second heat was against Ash Garwood. With us both on LEIs this was going to be an interesting heat. As the heat started, the wind started to drop.....again. But I managed to get some unhooked kite loops, surface passes, raileys and back to blinds. With both of us struggling for power the heat got ended early and Ash managed some 720spins and got the handle pass to take the win.

Getting through most of the heats, the wind dropped to nothing and the comp was left a waiting time of 30mins for the wind to come back, as the wind never returned, it left Will Rose, Ash Garwood, Abe Alzouman and my self with joint 1st place! This makes it all the more exiting to play for at the second round at

Handle Pass

Invert 360 one Hander

180 Seatbelt Grab

Handle Pass

Invert 360 one Hander

(right)Trampa team mate Ash Garwood,(left) Myself.

Unhooked Kite Loop Railey

Pembrey Beach, Hadlow Pro, Red Bull tent.

Free Ride on the sandy beach in the sun shine!

Set up time, Trampa Team

Chilling out at the RedBull tent.

Big Thanks to Raw Kite for putting on an epic event. Richard D L Green Photography and Cristina Murphy for the photos. Flexifoil Kites and  Trampa Boards for all there support, also every one who came to the event and made it so amazing.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

9th place DFC France

Round 1 of the first official European Kite Land Boarding Championships (the KLBB) took place from the 19th to the 20th of April 2014 on the beaches of Dunkerque, in the north of France. Many Kite Land boarders came from all over Europe to participate and show their skills in this competition, professionally organized by the DFC-Dunkerque kite club.

The turn-out was awesome, with 45 riders in racing and 35 riders in freestyle, the event was packed! Push kiting, SuperKiteDay, ESSEX crew, Kite Freaks, West Land Kite, Kite Junkies, Kite Unit, CKC, BKT and many more kite clubs and teams came to this first official European competition in KiteLandBoarding history.

We arrived in Dunkerque on Friday morning with my Trampa team mates Ash Garwood and James Tideswell (Floyd) . Most of the riders were already there because the wind forecast was very good, about 20-25 knots side-on shore. We took this epic opportunity to share a huge session with all the riders who were there and it was a good final training for the competition.


In total there were 34 riders ready to ride their best on competition day! My 1st heat was in a 4 riders group, with 2 persons advancing to the next round. I advanced to the next heat by mixing up my tricks, hooked and unhooked. I managed some nice spins, board offs and good big air moves. In my 2nd heat I was up against French rider Laurent Guyot (Lolo) I knew I had to get some unhooked tricks in. The lack of wind did not help, but after landing some f16s and flat 3s and just missing a dangle pass, I new deep down that Lolo had advanced which left me with 9th place. Super happy with this result at the start of the year!!

Big thanks to everyone who came to this event and made some amazing memories.

Fly safe

Kris Beech.

FINAL RESULTS – KLBB tour Round1, MTB Contest 2014 Dunkerque

RACE women:
1. Luisa Bodem (Ger/Flysurfer)
2. Mathilde Demeester (Fra)

RACE youth:
1. Pascal Schimdt (Ger/HQ Powerkites)
2. Julian Hein (Ger/Flysurfer)
3. Max Lux (Ger/Peter Lynn)

RACE men seniors:
1. Laurent Guyot (Fra/Flysurfer)
2. Yusca Balogh (Ned/Flysurfer)
3. Christophe Guiomar (Fra/HQ Powerkites)

RACE men veterans:
1. Philippe Veyssière (Fra/Flysurfer)
2. Eric Rush (Fra/Flysurfer)
3. Lionel Labouré (Fra/Flysurfer)

1. Luisa Bodem (Ger/Flysurfer)
2. Lisa Lussigny (Fra)
3. Mathilde Demeester (Fra)

FREESTYLE men seniors:
1. Laurent Guyot (Fra/Flysurfer)
2. Ash Garwood (Gbr/Ozone)
3. Kuhfahl (Ger/Flysurfer)

FREESTYLE men juniors:
1. Pascal Schimdt (Ger/HQ Powerkites)
2. Max Lux (Ger/Peter Lynn)
3. Julian Hein (Ger/Flysurfer)

Unhooked 1080

Board off

Ready to compete

360 Board off

Epic weather, lets go kiting

(left to right) Jeroen Pigmans, myself, Haye de Vries and Emmanuel Norman

Rider Briefing

Kite Racing

Great Event

Ready to race

Freestyle winners (left to right) Ash Garwood 2nd, Lolo 1st and Kiting Benny 3rd

 900 down loop

Board off
Big thanks to Ash Garwood and Cristina Murphy for the photos, Flexifoil Kites  Trampa Boards and everyone that made this event so epic!!!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Don't Panic, Its Windy!!!

Have you ever thought.... What is a day in a life of a Kite Boarder like? Well, Marcus Howlett Photography and myself made a video with this idea. The plan was to brake away from the home movie approach, so that meant no Gopro cameras or handy cam clips, but we also kept the fun aspect. So, we loaded up with camera steady, booms, tripods, lenses and more cameras than you can imagine. We spent all the winter days filming this video called 'Don't Panic, It's Windy!' hope you enjoy.