Monday, 3 November 2014

9th Place Flymasters Holland

The last round of the European tour was held on the 25th and 26 of October, on the big sandy beach of Ijmuiden, with 50+ competitors in pro mens freestyle. Things were going to be mega!! Arriving on the Friday, we headed to the beach that evening to get some practice in and also to meet up with Roy van Baarsen and Marijn Tijhof from PeterLynn. We decide to go for a practice and get some photos, with my good friend Jeroen Pigmans showing up to get this kite session rocking, we rode untill it was dark!. 

The Saturday. 

First day of the event, with all the PeterLynn team there too, we headed to the beach to set up the tent, flags and kites of course. The wind was light, so it was decided by the judges that they would run the juniors freestyle and the Pro mens buggying first. So the day was spent hanging out with the Peterlynn team, kiting, filming and also putting on the most amazing BBQ for everyone. 

The Sunday. 

Competition day!!  I managed to win my first heat with a mix of tricks such as Invert 720s, 360board offs, board off varials, raleys and spins to blind. My second heat was against Emmanuel Norman, I did some good tricks, invert 720s, 360 board of varial, pop shuvits, board off varial to blind etc.. but Emmanuel also did some amazing tricks and beat me with his 720 handle pass. This gave me 9th in this event and I finished the year with 12th place overall, super happy with this having missed the German event. 

PeterLynn BBQ
Handle pass

Invert 360 one hander 

Handle pass

Handle pass 

Foot out 

Seat belt grab foot out 


Big thanks to the PeterLynn team, Trampa boards team and every one at this event! what an amazing last event!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

1st place Essex kite park sessions jam

Essex kite park jam/end of season party took place on the 19th-21st of September. This is a cool event set up as a nice and relaxed way to get more riders in to competition. Where you get 2 hours to free ride as much or as little as you like, so just like kiting with your friends at your local spot. With Pro and Am categories there is something for every one! not forgetting that Essex kite park is one of the only places in the UK to have Ramps and rails. The end results are decided by the riders, so basically go big and make sure you get seen, what do you have to lose! this is the sort of event that I would very much like to see go massive in the future, because not only does it push the limits of KLBing. It also provides one of the very best social sides to the sport.

I drove down to Essex kite park on the Saturday, not much wind was forecasted for today, but that was not a problem. As not only was I going to meet up with most of the guys from the Raw kite British championships. I had planed to have a trampoline session, yeah thats right Essex kite park have a trampoline with a kite bar to practice new tricks on. also catching up with my team mates the Trampa Boards kite team. on arrival there was a good turn out with tents and vans set up ready for the weekend of kiting and chilling. After a quick hello to every one, Ash Garwood and myself set the bar up on the trampoline and began sending different tricks, all was amazing in till I nearly pulled my arm out the socket with a under rotated front to blind! and that was it. Time to rest, as I wanted to ride my best tomorrow as the wind was looking good for the jam. As it got dark it was time to light the big bonfire, Chill out and catch up with everyone and as always the fun and laughter ended around Steve Parkes BBQ, trust me you have never seen so much food on a BBQ and so good, he has the nick name Delia!!

On the sunday, I was awoken buy the bright sunshine. Excited by the wind blowing on the van, it was time to get up. Breakfast was already sorted with the rest of the Trampa team cooking sausages and bacon on the BBQ. Keen to get out and test the wind, I was one of the first out. Hitting the ramps flat out to see how much hight I could get, after an hour of blasting the Ramp. Riders briefing was called, Time to jam. Ash Garwood, Will Rose, James (Floyed) Tideswell and myself pushing the Pro category with big Board off variations, spins(lost count on how many the limit was) handle passes and nice styled big air tricks on and off the ramps. Im super stoked to have taken the win in the Pros, all I remember is throwing a big unhooked 1260 spin off the ramp! I must also say the Am category had a nice hight level of riding, well done to all the guys who competed. Sam Wyard took the win in Am after boosting massive and styling his tricks.  



1st Kris Beech 

1st) Sam Wyard
2nd) Steve Parkes 
3rd) Scott Whale

most improved Umar Al Rawi  

Watch this space for the next event at 

Ramp Style 

Invert 360 one hander 

1st place prize

Board off

Unhooke kite loop railey 

Board off

Handle Pass 

Ramp Style 

Tail Grab 

Unhooked 720
360 Board off


Big Thanks to Peter Lynn kites and Trampa boards for my kit, Ash Garwood/Essex kite park and Chris Hayes for the Photos, Essex kite park for holding these amazing events. 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

3rd place Raw Kite Westwood Ho! event and 3rd place British Championships

The final round of the British Championships took place on the 12th-14th of September 2014 in North Devon at a small town called Westwood  Ho! which has an amazing beach for Kite sports and other water sports. Team mate Carl Kirton and my self (Kris Beech) headed down on the Friday to get some practice in before the big event, but as the wind was light we spent the day just chilling out, meeting up with everyone who had the same idea to show up as early as we did too.

On the Saturday we were given a nice hard packed beach with a light 12-14mph easterly wind, which was off shore for Westwood Ho! But not a problem as the area behind the beach was clear, this kept the wind nice and clean. So, with everyone ready to battle it out and wanting to become the British Champion in kite landboarding, the day kicked of with the Landboard Pros category, where I would battle it out against the likes of Ash Garwood, James (Floyed) Tideswell, Will Rose and Abe Alzouman to name a few! There were some really tough heats, I was throwing down some handle passes, 1080 spins, 360 inverts etc… The PeterLynn Fury 13m was amazing and was excellent in light winds, the pressure was defiantly on! After a few very intense and competitive heats, I am pleased to say that I walked away with 3rd place at the this event and I also finished 3rd in the British Championships. 

Team Mate Carl Kirton also rode exceptionally well in the Amuture Buggying, just missing a podium, but still managed 4th overall. He went on to take 3rd place at this event in the senior landboard category. Was very well deserved, with his amazing style and unique bag of tricks. Carl uses the PeterLynn Charger which is one of the most versatile kites for all disciplines and wind conditions. 
Landboard Pro 1st Ash Garwood, 2nd James (Floyed) Tideswell and 3rd myself (Kris Beech)

Handle Pass

The Peter Lynn Fury 13m 

Landboard Senior 1st James (Floyed) Tideswell, 2nd Steve Parkes, 3rd Carl Kirton 

Westwood Ho! Beach great for all sports

Carl blasting the big sandy beach on the buggy

Handle Pass

Big Thanks to Raw Kite for all the events they made possible this year, Peter Lynn Kites and Trampa Boards for all my kit. Cristina Murphy for the Photos, my team mates at Trampa and Peter Lynn

Monday, 1 September 2014

Peter Lynn Kites

After much thought, it was time to move on from Flexifoil Kites. There becomes a point in every riders career to move on to something fresh and new. I'm super stoked to now be riding for Peter Lynn Kites, I will be riding the Fury, their high aspect LEI kite! You will see me working closely with Peter Lynn to develop new products, I will also be competing at all the land kite competitions and events,  plus making new videos and shooting lots of photos, watch this space!!

Board Off

Invert 360 one hander 

5.0 0n the bench

Board off

360 foot out 

360 grab

Invert 360 one hander 
Big thanks to Peter Lynn Kites for this amazing opportunity, Also big thanks to Trampa Boards for all the support and Cristina Murphy / Lewis Wilby for the photos.