Sunday, 8 May 2016

Saturday, 23 April 2016

1st place British Championships, Raw Kite round 1 at Blackrock Sands

Today was a early start, we made the drive from the South East to North Wales, starting at 4am to miss the traffic and we arrived at Blackrock-Sands beach at about 11:30. Wow, this place looked epic (I had not been here before) it reminded me of Ireland with the mountains in the background. Craig sparks, Will rose and a few others where getting ready for a free ride. The wind was not great being directly off shore, however with a back drop like that I wasn’t going to turn down an oppertunity to get some photos. 

The Saturday 

We all got to the beach for 10am for riders briefing, with the wind still directly off shore. It was then discussed to run the landboard racing as with wind this lumpy, it was not the best idea to push riders to do to much freestyle. Don’t get me wrong, a few of us where still playing around doing some freestyle before the racing started. 

First race 

The racing started, this race was crazy with a few kites dropping out the sky just as the race started, Will Rose, Carl Kirton and myself managed to make it through the carnage. Making the most of my 17m Fury when the gusts where up, racing Will Rose to the line it was a close call as Will had the better up wind tack, I was tacking hard upwind losing a bit of speed. Will went on to take the win, with me in 2nd and fellow Peterlynn rider Carl Kirton in 3rd. 

Second race, 

As we started this race the wind was getting funky with it changing direction and strength. The start sounded and just as I went over the line my kite dropped out the sky at which point. I fell to the back of the race, as I relaunched my kite my mind sparked with "I’m gunning for this now!!" As I got back on my board the wind picked up just right and I got to the first marker, only to notice I had passed enough racers to be next to Will Rose who took a wide line, giving me enough room to down loop round the markers and in to the cross wind tack, by this point the wind had changed direction making it harder to keep your line. Making a few tacks I was across the finish line first.  

With the wind getting worse by the minute, it was called to free ride or just chill on the beach for the rest of the day. 

The Sunday 

Today was looking better for the wind direction, however the wind was light. So riders briefing was held and it was decided if the wind picked up enough they wound start by running the Pro Mens freestyle. so I pumped up my 17m Fury and went for a play around in the marginal wind. as the day went on the wind got less and less, the event was called off and the presentation for the racing started. 

Landboard Racing 

1st Kris Beech 
2nd Will Rose 
3rd Graham Reed 

360 Board off



Board off

                                         Landboard Racing,            
                                             1st Kris Beech
                                             2nd Will Rose 
                                             3rd Graham Reed 


Foot out 

Blackrock Sands

360 Invert

Back to blind, Crail grab 
Handle pass 

Setting up
360 Inverted Method grab 

Big Thanks to Cristina Murphy for the photos, Trampa Boards, Peter lynn Kites for there support and Raw kite for running this epic event.  

Saturday, 14 November 2015

9th Place Flymasters Netherlands

The Flymasters took place on 24th-25th of October, on the big sandy beach of Ijmuidrslag in the Netherlands. This place has to be the best spot I have ridden in Europe and in the last 2 years has provided every one with perfect conditions to compete in, so would it provide for a 3rd year running??….

The Friday

So we left England late Thursday night to get to the Netherlands for a practice session Friday mid day. Luckily for me this is the home of one of my sponsors, Peter Lynn Kites. This was great as I got to pick my new kites, meaning it was a great chance to have a blast on the new 2016 Fury. Even though the wind was light I took the 17m out for a blast…… and it was epic. We ended up shooting photos and taking videos until it was starting to get dark.

The Saturday

This was competition day, on arrival to the beach there was a lot of riders getting kites out, ready for a quick practice before the comp. I have to say the turn out was really good. The competition was started with the junior kite land board, then the pro mens land board. The heats sheets where up and I was up against Pascal Lohmann. We headed out in to the competition area, the buzzer sounded the start of the heat, at which point something felt a bit odd… managed to get a few tricks double invert, board off…. then it hit me, I'd just noticed I had a flat tyre. I continued to try and make the best of this situation, but unfortunately for me it was just like having one wheel on your wagon (hard work and very frustrating) this left me with 9th place and 7th place overall in pro mens freestyle on the KLBB European kite land board tour. 

The Sunday

This was land board race day, the wind was very light and since I don’t race it was a nice day to watch the racing, chill out, catch up with friends and go for a free ride.


Getting Inverted 

On the way to a 360 Board Off 

Having a blast 

Event stands

Epic Kite spot 

Big Thanks to Peter Lynn Kites, Trampa Boards,  Aj for driving me there and any one else who has supported me this year. 

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

European Tour 9th Place KLB Open Berlin Germany

On the 2nd-4th of October, the 5th edition of the KLB Open was held at the Tempelhof airfield in Berlin, Germany. This was the second round of the Kite Land Board/Buggy Tour (KLBB).
Traditionally this event is the biggest land kiting event of the year, with lots of kite brands, bringing stalls to show off their new products, meaning there was a lot of kit to demo. Other stands included food and gadgets, so there is something for everyone to enjoy. You can certainly see why this event gets a huge amount of visitors. Another bonus is that Tempelhof airfield is so close to the city, which means more people come and explore to see what power kiting is all about.This is why every year the best riders from all over Europe make their way down to the great city of Berlin, eager to show what the sport is all about. The uk crew are Ash Garwood, Lewis Wilby, Aj Philipson, Will Rose and Myself (Kris Beech), we made our way to Berlin hoping for some epic kiting.

The Friday

The event kicked off, but there was not much wind, but it was a great opportunity to test and look at new products from my sponsors. Trampa Boards had their new longboard called the street Carver, not only as a standard longboard, but with a add on electric motor. This was great fun, especially the electric setup because it is fast and will be great to get to the shops on in the future. The standard Carver is also amazing for the hills  because it has a one off feel, which makes it a very fun slide board. Next was the Peter Lynn stand, Where I got to check out the new Fury, Escape and Navigator bar and lines. I must say what a nice new clean looking kites, all we need now was some wind to test them in. 

The Saturday 

The wind was very much looking the same as the Friday, with kites struggling to say in the air. the competition was not going to happen today either. So plenty of time to catch up with other riders and play around on the Trampa Boards Carver.

The Sunday 

The conditions at the event were not looking great for the competition in the morning, however riders briefing had been moved to 1pm to see if the wind would pick up enough to get some kiting in. It was decided that the freestyle competition would run after all. The wind was very light, but I managed to take 9th place and am now looking forward to the Flymasters in the Netherlands! 

All the riders 

Big event, Big crowds 

The event stands

Looking at the new Pete Lynn kites 

Making the most of the light winds 

 In the distance, Tempelhof airfield from The Fernsehturm television tower in central Berlin.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Raw Kite British Championship 2nd

The final round of the Raw Kite British Championship took place on the 25th-27th September, at the location of  Pembrey sands in South Wales, UK. For those of you who have not been to this beach, it is one of the best beaches in the uk for its hard packed sand and big space to kite on, very well known for holding the No Barriers Events each year. 

The Friday, 

Jumped in the van at 6am hoping to be on the beach by midday to have a kite session, this gave us plenty of time to get there…… or did it? With the traffic having other ideas, we actually rolled up to the beach at about 2pm! With high tide being at 3, the chance of a kite session was pretty slim, so instead we took a walk to explore the surroundings and take in the size of this beach which had the biggest jelly fish I have ever seen washed up on the beach. We then headed to the camp site to meet everyone else and catch up since the last event. After spending the evening chilling out round the fire pit, it was soon time to go to bed and be ready to ride in the morning.

The Saturday,

With the wind forecast to be really light, the riders meeting was held with the plan of running a freeride, but if the wind picked up then the competition would run, with the land board pro's being held first.  So after grabbing a quick breakfast we headed to the beach. On arrival at the beach the wind looked really light, so I took my 19 and 13m Fury. Chose to pump the 19m up  and I headed out for a session. The wind was good enough to have a play around doing some 1080 spins, inverts and back to blinds. Eventually, the head judge Craig made the call to run the competition, so we kicked of and the first heats went well with the wind holding steady. 

My Heat was against Will Rose, we started to battle it out, Will was getting some nice board offs and spins and I retaliated with 1080 spins, board offs and landing different tricks to blind. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere during mid heat, the wind dropped! So after a period of waiting, the comp was called off for the day, as the tide was coming in. 

The Sunday, 

Riders briefing was on the beach at 09:30am. I arrived at the beach car park a few minutes after Lewis Wilby and we both got out and got our kit ready for the big event! However….to our frustration, the wind did not look great! The riders briefing took place and it was decided to stared the buggy pros first as soon as the wind picked up. For now the riders were having a bit of fun playing a bit of football and a few games of frisbee, before starting to set up their kites for the competition! 

As time rolled by I headed back to the van for some lunch, only to realise the wind was finally picking up! When I got back to the event, the buggy pro’s had already started, so excitedly I ran back to the competition area, with my round being up next I grabbed my 19m Fury and had a 5min session before my heat. Will Rose and myself headed into the competition, Will was landing a nice mix of tricks and I threw some tail grab 720s, board offs, 360 foot outs and a double invert with a few more other varied tricks, this was enough to advance me to the final. 

With the wind now picking up,  it meant that the final round was on in 2 minutes and I was up against Lewis Wilby for the 3rd time this year! Because I ride with Lewis a lot, we both have a rough idea of what each other can do, so the round kicked off and I managed to get a variety of tricks down, such as a double invert, board of 720, 360 board off varial, tail grabbed 360 to blind, board of varial to blind, invert method grab and more….

I am super stoked with the result, as this left me with 2nd place at this event! This also means I claimed 2nd place in the British championships. 

Overall this has been a great year kiting and catching up with everyone. Hope to see everyone at next years event. 

Handle Pass



Blasting this amazing beach 

Board off varial 

1st Lewis Wilby
2nd (myself) Kris Beech
3rd Will Rose 
Pop shove it 

360 crail, foot out

On the way to a Invert method grab

Board off finger flip

Big Thanks to all who have supported me this year, extra special thanks to Peter Lynn kitesTrampa Boards and Cristina Murphy and Chris Hayes photographics for the photos.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

PowerKiter Landkite Video Contest

Dreams of Summer.

This New video features Lewis Wilby, Aj Philipsen and My self showing you what a typical day is like at our home spot of Frinton On Sea, in essex where we continue to have so much fun, doing the sport we all enjoy.