Wednesday, 1 July 2015

2nd Place Raw Kite British Championships Ainsdale

Round two of the Raw Kite British Championships was held on the 26th-28th of June on the big beach of Ainsdale. We decided to get there for Friday midday, to get some practice in. On arrival the wind was light, so Carl Kirton and I decided to have a static fly with the 6.5m voltage, but after 20 minutes of messing about, the wind dropped completely! We decided to wait about to see if it would come back and lucky for us the sea breeze kicked in half hour later. Giving us all we could hope for, Carl was out in the buggy on his 13.5m Leopard and I was out doing freestyle on my 19m Fury.   
The Saturday 
The wind was forecast to be light, so at rider registration it was decided to leave the Pro Land Board competition till last. With Ainsdale only being on neap tides over the weekend the beach had dried out and was slightly soft, not making it easy for the amateur land-board/ buggy competition to run as they where first out. The judges decided to run the Pro Land Board competition later on in the afternoon, as the sand bar would be exposed with the outgoing tide. Giving us hard packed sand to ride on. The first round kicked of with Lewis Wilby and Will Rose, the wind so light it was no easy task for any of the riders. My first heat was against Ash Garwood at this point the wind was dropping and even the big kites struggled to fly, I managed to do some unhooked tricks, front to binds, 540 spins and a shifty 3, but unfortunately there was not enough power in the kite to do much more due to the lack of wind. Ash managed to advance to the next round, with this being a double elimination, my next heat would be against Will Rose, however the wind dropped off to nothing so it was decided to postpone till tomorrow……..
The Sunday
On arrival at the beach the wind was looking good! Powered 11m weather! The buggy amateur was first to kick of today. After they had finished, the sand bar was back and we could continue the Pro Land Board competition. My first heat was against Will Rose, I did some inverts, 900 back roll spins, 360 board off and board off variations, really enjoying the wind now, kiting is all about adding some hight to your tricks for me. This gave me enough to advance to my next round. It was now time for me to go back against Ash Garwood, he was riding really well, so I knew it would be no easy ride. I threw down some 900 spins, 360 board offs, board of varial, tail grab landing blind and 360 foot outs. Ash answered back by added a kite loop, I knew it was time to add something better so I went for a front roll kite loop, landing it smooth, I then went on to the final round against Lewis Wilby for the second time this year! 
Doing some 900 spins, board offs, tail grab toe side 720 to blind, foot outs and a board off finger flip, time was ticking away and I knew it was time to throw a back roll kite loop, only not to be caught after the loop, crashing out hard! I had to admit the 11m is not the kite I would loop on normally, just some times in competition you let the adrenaline take over! After that I finished of with a inverted foot out and front roll board off varial but the time was up! Proudly leaving me with 2nd place at this event. 
Team mate Carl Kirton went on to take 1st in Senior Land Board and 2nd in freestyle Buggy with his unique style of riding and mix of tricks on both buggy and Land Board. 
Back to Blind 

360 foot out 

shifty 3

Wind Check 

Inverted Method Grab 

3rd Ash Garwood, 1st Lewis Wilby and Me 2nd 

Team mate Carl Kirton and me 

360 Seat Belt Grab 

360 Tail Grab

Big thanks to Trampa Boards, Peter Lynn Kites, Cristina Murphy for the photos and Raw Kite for  holding this event. 

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

KLBB European Tour France 9th place

The first european event this year kicked of on the 13th-14th of june, In Berck Sur Mer, This event would be the start for all the big names in Freestyle and race kite land boarding to battle it out!

The wind was looking good for a 9 or 11m, it was decided to run the freestyle competition first. The first Heat kicked off with Laurent Guyot, Myself and two others. Laurent and me managed to advance to the next round after throwing down some different board off tricks, spins to blind, shifty 3s and inverts. My next Heat was a hard one with the wind dropping and underpowered on my 11m fury, trying my best to get as much out of my kite, I landed a handle pass, 900 spin, board offs and unhooked kite loops. unfortunate for me I lost out on style points, so with just 1 point in it! that left me with 9th place. 

Enjoying the epic weather 

Road Trip Thanks to Aj for driving 

Uk guys getting ready for comp 

Amazing beach
                                                                           Event video

Thanks to Aj for driving,  Peter Lynn Kites and Trampa Boards for there support.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

RAW Kite 2015 British Championships 2nd Place

This weekend was the beginning of the RAW Kite 2015 British Championships.
It was the first event of the year, and it started with the Land board and KiteBuggy amateurs, giving a nice indication as to what kite size would be best to ride. The 19m Fury Lite seemed to be the most suitable until two heats before, when the wind finally came through. So I decided to take the 13m Fury out there instead as it felt like the better kite to use.
My First heat was against my good friend Lewis Wilby, we ride a lot together on land as well as water, so I knew that the heat could have gone either way. I threw down some different tricks such as a grabbed inverted 720, 360 board offs, toeside 720s to blind, raleys, unhooked 1080s and board off varials, but unfortunately for me I dropped a few other tricks, which meant Lewis won the heat, landing all but one of his tricks. But being a double elimination, I still had the chance to work my way back up!
My second heat was against James Tideswell (Floyd), taking a different aproch to this heat, I went for some simple tricks first of all such as 360 foot outs, board offs and 360 grab bar spin. Then knowing I landed some of the smaller tricks, I then finished of with landing some harder tricks to blind and unhooking for some powerd moves, putting me throw to the next round. 
Heat 3 was againts Ash Garwood last years British Champion, so no easy ride!! The heat kicked of, I got some inverts to blind, unhooked 1080s, board off 360, foot outs, whilst Ash continued to put the presure on! So I then did a handle pass and shifty 3s which advanced me to the semi final. 
The semi final was against Will Rose, Will is a stylish rider and very smooth. In this round I went for a mix of tricks, even threw in a pop shove it and manuals to give my run as much flow as posable. This was enough to put me throw into the final.
The Final!!! Once again I was back in the arena against Lewis for the second time in this event. This was the final round and it was time to really pull all the tricks out the bag, I threw some inverted 720s, unhooked 1080s, raleys, board offs, landing blind, 360 kite loops, handle pass and shifty 3s. However, Lewis went on to take the win, leaving me with 2nd, a totally amazing event, well done to all the other riders, can’t wait for the next round in Ainsdale.
Land Board Pro Results 
1st Lewis Wilby (Mbs/Flysurfer)
2nd Kris Beech (Trampa/Peterlynn)
3rd Will Rose (CKB)

Board Off

Seat Belt Grab 

1st Lewis Wilby, 2nd Kris Beech, 3rd Will Rose 


The Vans 

 Competition Area 

Going for the Grab 

Board Off 

The Event 

Thanks to Peter Lynn kites and Trampa Boards for there support, Cristina Murphy and Theo Southee for the photos. 

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Devon Road Trip

Took a week out of work to go explore Devon Uk. This was a amazing trip! Started with walking the coastal paths to Welcombe mouth, this place had a water fall the went in to the sea and a very rocky but breath taking view. The next place we went to was the big sandy beach of Westward Ho! The wind was blowing a nice steady 25mph and the sun was crisp in the cold spring air! Last of all we visited Clovelly a beautiful little village, which has stood the test of time, with its cobblestone streets and lovely little cottages, makes you wonder was life way more simple back then.....
Kite loop Westward Ho!

Power slide 

Foot Out 

Blasting the big open beach 

Board off 360 

Tail grab 

Kite loop 

Exploring costal path to Welcombe mouth

Welcombe mouth

Welcombe mouth water fall 

Welcombe mouth sun set 



On the Road

Thanks to Cristina Murphy for the photos, Peter lynn kites and Trampa Boards for all my kit.