Thursday, 20 March 2014

Don't Panic, Its Windy!!!

Have you ever thought.... What is a day in a life of a Kite Boarder like? Well, Marcus Howlett Photography and myself made a video with this idea. The plan was to brake away from the home movie approach, so that meant no Gopro cameras or handy cam clips, but we also kept the fun aspect. So, we loaded up with camera steady, booms, tripods, lenses and more cameras than you can imagine. We spent all the winter days filming this video called 'Don't Panic, It's Windy!' hope you enjoy.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Wet Winter

As you all know its been the wettest winter on records in the UK. But I refused to let it stop me getting out! Although it may have been very muddy. I was feeling very hyped to get out, having two new sponsors for this year! Trampa Boards providing me with the best production carbon fibre kite boards on the market and  Marcus Howlett Photography The Man that will stand there all day in freezing cold weather, just to get that perfect shot!
Handle Pass

Epic Trampa Board

Unhooked 720 Kite Loop

Unhooked 720 Kite Loop

Sun bursting though the clouds

Seat belt grab 180

Shifty 360

Stoked to ride for Trampa

540 Barspin clap behind back


Big thanks to Marcus Howlett Photography for the photos, Flexifoil Kites for my kites and Trampa Boards for my kite land board! Fly safe and thanks for reading my blog. 

Friday, 25 October 2013

4th Place Netherlands Fly Masters

For the first time in the Netherlands, there was an epic kite land board event, The Fly Masters 2013. The main goal for this event was to push the Dutch skill level up... So, Fly Masters did just that. I have never been to any event with such a high level of riding, with the old school big board offs and the new wake style tricks becoming the standard mark. I am pleased with the position of 4th place after a very competitive heat with  Yusca Balogh  vs myself, with what I would call a handle pass off! I must say the Dutch really know how to throw a good event with amazing vibes .

 Results of Kite-Freaks/Flysurfer Flymasters 2013

Race: 1: Yusca Balogh
2: Stefan de Jong
3: Felix Main
4: Rykiel Fijn
5: Pascal Schmidt

Freestyle: 1: Emmanuel Norman
2: Laurent Guyot
3: Yusca Balogh
4: Kris Beech

Best trick: Laurent Guyot / Emmanuel Norman

Best Crash: Lennart van Schuilenburg

Board off  Varial

Board off Finger Flip

Handle Pass

                Emmanuel Norman, Aj Philipsen, myself and Laurent Guyot

Flexifoil 11m Force

Board off Scissor Kick 

Shifty 360

Big Thanks to Maik Schmidt and Evelina Pigmans for the photos, Flexifoil kites , Cristina Murphy, Jeroen Pigmans and Aj Philipsen for all there support.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

KLB OPEN Germany

5th Place at the biggest International Kite Land Boarding competition, the KLB OPEN! On the 27th to the 29th of September in Berlin, Germany! An amazing event with the top kite land boarders from all over the world! Right on the old airport, Tempelhof!  It was a very interesting place to Kite and has to be one of the best promotions for this sport, as there was alot for the public to get involved with!

360 invert

Land board Racing!!

The Kiters

The crowd

Amazing turn out

Tail grab

Board off

Foot out

Big Thanks to Flexifoil kites , Evelina Pigmans for the photos and Jeroen Pigmans for the support during the event.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Rough Cuts Video

Rough cuts, as the title says is our new video roughly edited over 1hr and put out for all to see. It is a selection of clips from the past season featuring AJ Philipsen and myself.
Slap dash as we were to busy kiting!!

Monday, 9 September 2013

3rd Place At Essex Kite Park Summer Sessions Jam

Essex Kite Park had decided to run a cool event on the 6th-8th of this month. The event was a nice friendly format. The competition was run as jam format divided in to 3 categories. They are Ramp + Rail and Flatland and the final results are voted for by the riders. So nice and relaxed, the wind conditions where good nice 15+mph and a good group of people, this has to be one of the most amazingly fun events iv been to!!!!!! Be sure to check out there web site at for the next events.

results for pro men's

 1st).Jack Elston      (Ozone)
2nd).Aj Philipsen    (Ozone)  
3rd).Kris Beech       (Flexifoil)

3rd Place super happy !!
Board Off

Foot Out

Board Off Varial Off The Ramp
Shifty 360
Inverted 360

Handle Pass

Essex Kite Park Has it all!! Ramps, Rails and green grass check it out at 

Big Thanks to essex kite park for running an epic event, Flexifoil Kites for sorting me out with my amazing kites and for all the support and Cristina Murphy for all the photos and support.